Each of our cabins encompasses 5,882 square feet of living space divided into 4 quadrants, with each section having it's own private counselor room and bath. Each quadrant features 10-12 beds and a large bathroom. These cabins are designed to give plenty of personal space to everyone with ample storage areas in the drawers and shelving surrounding each bed. All cabins exceed ACA standards, are climate controlled year-round, and handicap-accessible cabins are available. Whether you have 30 or 300 in your group, we can accommodate you comfortably in our cabins.


Conference Center Hotels

A wonderful feature of Camp Heart O' Hills is the Conference Center Hotel units. Surrounding our Conference Center facility are four hotel-style buildings. Each building has 12 rooms with single, double, and handicap-accessible rooms available. Our spacious rooms are designed to let you relax in comfort and peace while you are our guest. Each room features a private bathroom, writing desk, dresser, heating, and air-conditioning. Each Conference Center Hotel building also features a comfortable lobby area with television, refrigerator, microwave, sink, and plenty of seating for you to fellowship with others. If your group would like to use the Conference Center or Gym facilities,  this housing option is especially convenient as each hotel is only steps away from both buildings.



If you are looking for a retreat from the outside world complete with all the comforts we have to offer, this is the option for you. Our cottages are self contained suites with one or two bedroom options available. All of them feature a full kitchen equipped with utensils and cookware, bathroom (most feature a jacuzzi tub), dining area, and living area. This is the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. All interiors are tastefully decorated and designed to make you feel right at home.


Adobe and Teepee

The Adobe and Teepee units are the perfect blend between communal and private lodging. Rooming options range from single-bed rooms to rooms with two bunk beds. All beds are twin size. In the Adobe unit, two rooms share one bathroom. In the Teepee unit, there is one large bathroom that all the rooms share. Both units feature a lounge for everyone to hang out.